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VELCRO Model Industrial Power Low Profile – 10′ x 1″ Tape – Black

VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength Low Profile - 10' x 1

  • NOTICE: Amazon is a trusted vendor of Velcro Model merchandise. Guarantee won’t be legitimate on any gadgets bought by way of third-party sellers.
  • Unmatched versatility. Our tape will adhere to nearly all surfaces! It’s even waterproof. Use it indoor and out of doors.
  • Our low profile tape is 30% thinner than our common Industrial Merchandise.
  • Stronger adhesive, longer lasting and extra sturdy than different manufacturers
  • Excellent for round the home and storage! Limitless potentialities for organizatio, mounting and crafts/crafting

VELCRO Model Industrial Power Low Profile fasteners present superior energy with 30% much less thickness than our common Industrial Power merchandise. These waterproof, low profile hook and loop fasteners are perfect for clean surfaces equivalent to painted wallboard, glass, metallic, and most plastics. VELCRO Model is the unique hook and loop fastener. Significantly better sturdiness and energy than different off model fasteners. They’re accessible in squares, cash, strips, and tapes and are available in a spread of colours. A should have for any dwelling, faculty or workplace. Nice for group and hanging.

Value: $ 8.13

VELCRO Model Industrial Power Low Profile – 10′ x 1″ Tape – Black
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3 thoughts on “VELCRO Model Industrial Power Low Profile – 10′ x 1″ Tape – Black

  • May 17, 2018 at 8:02 am
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    So many potential uses….too bad the adhesive is so very weak & does not hold., August 10, 2016

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    This review is from: VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength Low Profile – 10′ x 1″ Tape – Black (Kitchen)
    Inexpensive and works…..ok.

    The velcro part works and holds exactly as you would expect from a product called “Industrial Strength”.

    The problem with this product…and it is a VERY SERIOUS problem….is the adhesive that comes on the back of this velcro is extremely weak. It seems to hold just fine at first. Seems to have a strong grip. It will just not stay there. It WILL eventually come off. Happens in cold weather almost as much as in hot. Regardless, it was unexpected.

    I have tried cleaning the mounting surfaces with alcohol, making sure the area is clean and dry, then mounting this “Industrial Strength” velcro. I bought this to use primarily in my Uber van, to mount usb hubs & other small lightweight devices. No stress, no pulling, just mounting very small flat items on the plastic interior on the underside of the dash, etc, then expecting them to stay there. That does not happen. The adhesive fails every time.

    It’s a very frustrating problem. I bought “Industrial Strength” in order to avoid this type of problem. Turns out they only apply the term to the velcro itself and use the same old weak adhesive as on the regular velcro. So, to fix this, I had to find and purchase some thin 3m adhesive pads to use between the actual plastic mounting surface and the faulty weak crappy adhesive that comes pre-applied on this product.

    Now you know.

  • May 17, 2018 at 8:53 am
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Does what it claims!, December 30, 2017

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    This review is from: VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength Low Profile – 10′ x 1″ Tape – Black (Kitchen)
    This stuff works really well! There are a few little problems that are good to be aware of. So I used this to hang up a flag over a recessed window. Kind of using the Velcro tape to keep the flag tight over the window. This will sometimes get moisture near the Velcro tape which will weaken it a bit and cause it to peel off the wood sometimes. Cold temperatures also seem to cause this to happen occasionally also. So in fairly wet or cold places I could see this being an issue if you are trying to pull things off the Velcro. It seems to hold well if it’s undisturbed though.

    Edit: Edited to include pictures. First picture kind of demonstrates that after awhile the Velcro sticks to itself better than the sticky backing you use to attach it to things. So for this flag I will end up sewing the Velcro onto the flag and in the second picture you can see I have already nailed the Velcro to the wood in order to stop it from coming off. The sticky backing isn’t very reliable after awhile in these cold and humid conditions so accommodations have to be made.

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  • May 17, 2018 at 8:56 am
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Sherrie H (Maryland) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength Low Profile – 10′ x 1″ Tape – Black (Kitchen)
    I’ve tried just about every Velcro product on Amazon and most of them are ok to good but this particular Velcro is the BEST; the easiest to pick off the paper giving you a better grip. Talking about ‘grip’ this has it in spades. I don’t know why but the black Velcro seems to be the toughest and much stronger than the white.

    I devised a turntable with sections for my many medications and each one is Velcroed so I can pop it off and then pop it on. Trying all of them the black is the easiest to ‘hold’ and all you have to do is ‘push’ the item in if it’s something you use all the time; makes life easier and everything is right there. (First I glued little plastic bottles all around a larger plastic container and glued the whole thing on a turntable. Then Velcro the whole thing right to whatever space I had and then some!)

    I would also trust this Velcro for picture frames, remotes handy in the bedroom on side tables or dresser or on the TV itself; keeping pens available, notepads (light weight). It’s one handy dandy product!

    There are l,0001 things you can do with Velcro and believe me I have the stuff in use all over the house-in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom; just about everywhere. Think of things that you use everyday and wish you didn’t have to search through drawers to find-Velcro them to a painted block of wood or whatever you choose and they are right there when you need them’ push on– push off!

    I also use Velcro on my desk-holds remotes, pens, most anything that you can think of (not to terribly heavy like a stapler or some such).

    One tip: Use the ‘rough zipper’ side on the wall or the product you’re sticking something to and the soft side is the one you handle. The zipper side hurts; I found that out pretty quickly. Items stay on better and are easier to ‘push in’ when the zipper side is what the ‘smooth’ side is being pushed against…make sense? Well get your thinking cap on and I’m sure you’ll think of a zillion ways this great product can help you.

    By the way; this same Velcro would be much more costly anywhere!!

    Update: I’ve just received two more boxes of Velcro. The price has gone up aprox. 3.00 ea. so I wasn’t thrilled with that but I love and use Velcro all the time so I bought anyway. I have a few hats that are to big so I take either side of Velcro and press on the underside which helps keep the hat on, won’t stay on… so it doesn’t come off use a glue gun, that will make sure that stays on!

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