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Greenworks 13-Inch four Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212

Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212

  • Light-weight, simple to make use of design, solely 5.2 lbs. Please adhere to the facility wire chart discovered within the operator handbook.
  • 13-inch lower path with .065 twin line auto-feed and adjustable auxiliary deal with
  • Electrical begin will get you going inside seconds, no gasoline problem
  • Trimmer of alternative for small to medium dimension yards. Energy wire not included.
  • Suitable GreenWorks Alternative Spool, Mannequin 29082. Watch the video on element web page that can assist you use and arrange the trimmer.

Consists of four Amp 13-in Straight Shaft Electrical String Trimmer / Edger (Open Field) – 21212, Proprietor’s Guide

Value: $ 31.79

Greenworks 13-Inch four Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212
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3 thoughts on “Greenworks 13-Inch four Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212

  • May 17, 2018 at 3:35 pm
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Gets the job done for a decent price!, May 9, 2016
    Amuhzon (Texas) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212 (Lawn & Patio)
    I purchased this trimmer as I have a fairly small yard, 10 x 10 in the back and a small patch in the front of our drive way. Since we recieved a notice to do something about the unkempt yard, this was an easy solution. The package came together in the original box from GreenWorks with a shipping label slabbed on top. To me, this is much more effective than repackaging in another box. Assembly was very easy provided you have common sense and know how to use a phillips head screwdriver.

    ONE IMPORTANT THING: this is an electric trimmer and as such, will need an extension cord to use this. It was not clearly stated on the website but is not a huge deal since one is ~$5-10 range.

    I used this to hack down the almost foot long range of weeds in my backyard in about twenty minutes flat. This thing has impressive power and the automatic feeding spool is very convenient.

    Definitely would reccomend this trimmer if you are in need of a simple solution like the one I had. Please give it a shot as it is fairly priced and gets the job done right the first time.

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  • May 17, 2018 at 3:40 pm
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Someone who actually knows something, May 19, 2016

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212 (Lawn & Patio)
    I just ordered another GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded String Trimmer after three years of hard use on the first one. I live on the edge of the high desert in Oregon and I have been cutting my entire ½ acre property with one of these. This includes wire fences, rock gardens, ironweeds that grow up over a septic leech field. These are great trimmers BUT there are a few things you need to know to make them work right.
    These are dual sting and the automatic advance will only work properly when you are using both strings. This brings us to the replacement spools sold by various companies which DON’T even fit the trimmer. So forget them and get a 200-300 spool of .065 round (I say round – I have not tried the edged string) string and re-wind the original spool which came with the trimmer. There is an arrow on top of the spool which will let you know in which direction to wind the spool. BOTH strings are wound in the SAME direction. To get the string started in the spool there is a slot in the spool and slip the string in the same direction of the direction you will wind. This locks the string in place and allows you to wind.
    How to get the trimmer to advance once you have the stings loaded. AUTOMATICALLY – understand that there is no sensor in the trimmer telling it to let out more string. The string is advanced EACH TIME YOU LET OFF THE POWER and the spool is allowed to come to a complete stop. Just before it comes to a stop, you will hear a slight click from the spool. This means that it has reset the advance and when you give it power again, the strings will advance. You can stop and start the trimmer as many times as you like until the stings are where you want them. MANUALLY – you can advance the strings manually by turning the trimmer on its handle and looking at the spool for a little black rectangle button on the spool. Jiggle that and play with the string and the string will advance.
    This trimmer is 4 amp which means there might be brush or thick weeds which you cannot get through without the motor straining. You can work around this. Go to one single string. BUT be aware the automatic advance will not work properly with only one string. So you will have to manually advance the string. This will reduce the drag on the strings and allow you to cut thru thicker grass and weeds. The cut will not be a neat and you might have to make two passes BUT the motor will probably not bog down.
  • May 17, 2018 at 4:05 pm
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER WITH IT!, September 14, 2016
    Francesco Ronchetti (San Francisco) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I wanted to allow a couple of complete mowing cycles before giving my feedback on the “Green Work”, And —YES!— I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER WITH IT!

    This machine is extremely powerful, solidly built, and it is aesthetically pleasing too. It can compete in all respects with her much higher-maintenance gasoline ‘colleagues’, and it is much more environmentally friendly. It is also very suitable for a tall person (I am 6’3″).


    1. DON’T CUT CORNERS ON THE EXTENSION CORD! Especially if you, as I did, opt for a 100 footer, buy a good 12 GAUGE one (not a 14 gauge, even less so a 16!). As I have said, the “Green Work” ‘s 10 amp. engine is super-powerful, and it would overheat and —ultimately— suffer with a thinner cord. When I called “Green Work” for an advice, they told me that a 10 gauge (the maximum, I believe) would be even better; but, trust me, 12 gauge is perfect. I used my mower in full August Virginia sun, for up to 6 hours in a row, and it never overheated.

    2. USE A VELCRO STRAP INSTEAD. One of the most recurring complaints about the Mod. “21142” is HOW HARD ITS TRIGGER IS. I must admit that, despite being a strong, athletic man, I had to struggle with this issue myself, by resting for a few seconds —every couple of minutes— due to the trigger’s very high tension (unfortunately, by law there can’t be any ‘freeze’ option). Needless to say, this necessity greatly delayed my overall mowing time. But, yesterday, I came up with one of those ‘genius’ ideas that can make you feel very happy, an idea I now want to share with you. With a 9-10″ VELCRO STRAP you can easily block the trigger in the ‘on’ position, you can finally relax your right hand and thus fully enjoy your mowing experience. (As opposed to a regular string or to a rubber band, a velcro strap is very quick to be released and this aspect, of course, is crucial for your safety, here). The Mod. “21142” is a real ‘mule’, and with this new possibility I make it work in continuous mode…What a luxury!

    3. WHEN CHANGING THE LINE FOLLOW THIS VIDEO’S PRECIOUS INSTRUCTIONS! Another problem many customers complain about is the new spool type (black head vs. green head) that Mod. “21142” now assembles. The manual doesn’t make any reference to it, and I know of several customers who literally went crazy trying to figure out how to change the line in this new spool. The following June 2016 video, “Green Works” kindly sent me upon request, is thus A REAL LIFESAVER: […]

    Bravissimo, “Green Work” 21142!

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